About Us




Like many girls Ginny developed a love of chocolate early in life that has grown throughout the years to the love of creating chocolate products.  Several years ago this love turned into a dream of one day having our own chocolate shop to provide amazing chocolate specialties to our family and friends.  With our website we are excited to open an online version of this shop.


One of our favorite places to be is on the water whether by a river, lake, or ocean.  In particular we love lying in our hammock next to the lake listening to the water lap against the shore while the leaves rustle in the trees overhead.  This peaceful place takes us to a simpler time where the worries and problems of this world slip away.  We hope while you are enjoying our chocolate you are inspired to relax and enjoy a few moments where life is simple and your worries drift away. 


Our mission is provide our customers with delicious high quality chocolate products in a professional and friendly manner. 



Randy and Ginny Wilson

Water's Edge Chocolates, Inc.