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A calling. 

Have you ever laid in a hammock on the banks of the lake and listened to the water lap against the shore with the sunlight sparkling through the leaves while the birds sing in the trees? Have you ever sat on a boulder beside a rushing mountain river watching the water splashing against the rocks and marveled at the power and beauty?
Have you ever laid on a sandy beach listening to the waves crash against the shore in their steady never-ending rhythm? 
Have you ever stood in the mountain valley in spring and marveled at the rushing water falls everywhere you look? 

What is it that draws us to these places? What is it that makes the edge of the water so special?

For us, these places draw us in because of their peacefulness. They remind us of special moments in time spent with friends and family. They remind us of places we go to get away from the hustle and chaos of life if only for a few minutes. They remind us of places we go to refresh our bodies and recharge our minds. They remind us of days spent with friends and conversations we had. They remind us of hard times we have went through and the people that have traveled with us during those trials. They remind us of the experiences we've had that shaped who we are. They remind us of all the people through history who had life changing expiences at the water's edge. 

Our goal.

Water's Edge Chocolates is here to create a product and atmosphere where you can experience, if only for a few minutes, the peacefulness of being at the water's edge. 

Whether you are in person at our store or wherever you might be enjoying our products we want you to experience peacefulness, relationship, community and connectedness to the people that are important in your life. 


“We are here to celebrate you, your moments and those special to you"

I have been a chocolate lover all my life. How fortunate that God called me into this life of making chocolate and building relationships with all of you who come in our doors.

To me chocolate is an avenue to celebrate people, to make them feel special and create memories. I can't say that its never been about the chocolate, because lets face it sometimes it's totally about the chocolate ;)  More importantly, it's about how the chocolate makes someone feel and the smiles it brings.

I look forward to the chance of bringing a smile to your face even in the darkest moments, because there is always light and hope even if we can't see it. 
~Ginny Wilson